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ARCS (Assess, Restore, Conserve, and Sustain)

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ARCS is a long-term plan for sustainability of Liberty Hall Historic Site.  ARCS stands for Assess, Restore, Conserve, and Sustain. The ARCS plan encompasses the preservation of the entirety of Liberty Hall Historic Site.  It includes all of the physical structures, collections, and grounds, as well as the financial ability to operate the Site as a museum in perpetuity.

Fundraising GoalsChimney Caps Nov 2016

Phase 1- Initial Repairs and Maintenance

  1. Group 1 Projects: Liberty Hall cornice work, Liberty Hall roof drainage systems, Orlando Brown House roof drainage systems, Liberty Hall rear porch, and Liberty Hall sump pump and dehumidifier. Fundraising goal: $270,000 by March 2021. 
  2. Group 2 Projects: Annual maintenance and repairs for two years. Fundraising goal: currently being assessed. 

Phase 2 - Endowment Funding 

  1. Orlando Brown House Roof and Cornice Endowment Fund- replacement of the roof every 50 years. Fundraising goal: $70,000 by December 2022.
  2. Liberty Hall Roof and Endowment Fund- replacement of the roof every 15 years. Fundraising goal: $550,000 by December 2023.
  3. Annual Repairs and Maintenance Endowment Fund- annual distributions for structures and collections. Fundraising goal: $1,000,000 by December 2026.
  4. Operations Endowment Fund- annual operations for the museum properties. Fundraising goals: $10,000,000 by December 2040

Invest in our future through a donation to ARCS, by clicking here. Use the dropdown menu to designate your ARCS donation. 

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