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Mothers' Garden

Mothers Garden


The Mothers' Garden

"Mothers, much like gardens, hold the knowledge of the past inside the seeds of the future."

Mothers' Garden sits between the Orlando Brown House and Liberty Hall, and it serves as a special garden that offers our community the opportunity to honor their mothers and grandmothers through spring ephemerals, ferns, and other woodland species planted in their name.

For a minimum $25 donation each honoree receives a plant in their name at Liberty Hall and a Mothers' Day card with seeds from our historic garden. Together, we share a legacy of beauty, love, and remembrance for all to experience through the greatest of all, Mother Earth. We invite you to visit our garden throughout the season for photos, moments of reflection, or sharing with your families. 

To purchase, go here and click on the box that says "Mothers' Garden." It will ask how many donations you would like to make and where to send the card. Should your donation be In Memory Of and you do not wish for us to send a card, please denote within the field provided. In order to receive a card, donations must be made by Sunday, May 8th, 2023.

2021 Mothers' Garden Honorees are listed here: 2021 In Honor and 2021 In Memory.