Photo Policy

Liberty Hall Historic Site is a popular and compelling venue for photography. We welcome and encourage this use of our privately owned and operated property. Funds raised through photo fees help us to keep the grounds green and beautiful for all. Thank you to our local photographers!

All photographers wishing to conduct professional/commercial sessions on the grounds must complete an Application for Professional Photography Pass (pdf) and return it to LHHS along with the fee. Photographers are required to verify site availability before scheduling a session.

  • Season pass, $150: Secures access to the grounds for the full year. Those photographers who purchase this pass can request to be added to our preferred photographer list and receive insider tips on factors that may influence photo conditions.
  • Day pass, $25: Secures access to the grounds for one specified day, arranged in advance.

To learn more about the photograph policy, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (502) 227-2560.

All photographers, including amateur enthusiasts, casual visitors, and family photographers, should read Rules for Photography at Liberty Hall Historic Site (pdf). Family photographers interested in using the grounds for group photos (e.g. prom, homecoming, team photos) should contact the LHHS in advance to verify the property is available. Although conflicts rarely occur, if an event is taking place on the grounds, amateur enthusiasts and family photographers may be asked to leave.