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Photo Policy

Hilly photo policy

Capture the moment at Liberty Hall Historic Site! Non-flash photography is permitted for personal, noncommercial use. Visitors are welcome to take photographs inside our beautiful homes (Liberty Hall and the Orlando Brown House) and in our gardens/grounds during regular hours of operation. Professional photographers must purchase a pass and are only allowed to photograph in the gardens/grounds. 

Personal/Noncommercial Photography

Indoor use guidelines

Visitors may:

  • Take casual photos for personal use only.
  • Use handheld cameras, cell phones, and tablets with the flash turned off.
  • Photograph collections, room settings and exhibits.
  • Share images from your visit on social media as long as they are not used for profit. Use #LibertyHall to share your experiences. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Visitors may NOT:

  • Use tripods, monopods, lights, selfie sticks, or other external equipment.
  • Sell or publish (in a book, journal, etc.) the images.
  • Use the images to promote any outside product or service.
  • Take video or record audio.

Visitors must:

  • Maintain a safe, non-touching distance from all artwork, furniture, cases, and platforms.
  • Be courteous of others and your tour guide, so that everyone has a pleasant experience (visitors who are disruptive may be asked to put away devices).
  • Keep up with your tour guide and don’t lag behind in rooms the tour group has left.

*See guidelines for outdoor use under the next section


Professional/Commercial Photography

Professional photographers may shoot in the gardens/grounds with a photography pass.  Professional photographers may not shoot inside the historic homes unless they have written permission from LHHS management. 

  • Season pass, $100: Secures access to the grounds for the full year.
  • Day pass, $25: Secures access to the grounds for one specified day, arranged in advance

To purchase a photography pass, click here.

Photography passes may also be purchased by filling out the application and sending the completed form along with a check to the office (202 Wilkinson St., Frankfort, KY 40601) or you may call the office to purchase a pass.

Photographers should verify the availability of the grounds before scheduling a session. Please check with LHHS staff to be sure no other events are planned. You will need to carry the pass with you while on the property. LHHS staff reserve the right to ask you to leave if you do not present the pass when asked.

Outdoor Use Guidelines:

Professional photographers may:

  • Use our 4-acre garden and grounds with views of the Kentucky River, two historic homes, and lovely gardens as a backdrop for their photographs when they purchase a photo pass.
  • Take photographs on the back porches of Liberty Hall and the Orlando Brown House.

Professional photographers may NOT:

  • Move benches, chairs, tables, signs, etc. from the grounds or back porches of Liberty Hall and the Orlando Brown House.
  • Write on the building, sidewalks, furniture, or any other feature of the property with any medium, regardless of its washability.
  • Walk, trample, or pose subjects in planted beds.
  • Allow clients to climb or pose on tree limbs, fences or other structures.
  • Leave props from your shoot on the property.
  • Interfere with events on the grounds (this includes Liberty Hall Historic Site’s events, programs, tours and private rentals such as weddings, parties, etc.)
  • Operate a drone.
  • Photograph inside the homes without written permission from LHHS staff.

If you have questions about the photograph policy, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (502) 227-2560.